820 and 801 – Partner Visa

About this Visa


820/801 is an onshore Partner Visa. It allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia. The temporary Partner Visa (820) is the first stage towards a permanent Partner visa (801). Applicant must be in Australia when applying and when the visa is decided. You lodge one application form for your temporary and permanent visas and pay one application charge. Your application is processed in two stages, about 2 years apart.



820/801 Visa Requirements


  1. You must be married or in a de facto relationship with:
  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen
  1. You must be in a genuine and ongoing relationship. You must live with your partner
  2. Your de facto relationship must have existed for at least 12 months immediately before you apply


How to apply


  1. Applicant complete Form 47SP, application for migration to Australia by a partner
  2. Sponsor complete Form 40SP, sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia
  3. Lodge paper application at nearest Partner Processing Centre in Australia:
    1. New South Wales – Sydney office
    2. Victoria – Melbourne office
    3. Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania – Brisbane office
    4. Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory – Perth office
  4. Lodge visa application at any immigration offices in Australia


Permanent Partner Visa


  • About 2 years after you lodged your application, you will be assessed for a permanent partner visa
  • About 3 months before you assessed, a letter will be send to you


If you are later granted a permanent visa, you can:

  • Stay in Australia indefinitely
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship