Trade Mark

What is a Trade Mark?


A trade mark is a way of identifying a unique product or service. A good trade mark distinguishes your business from other traders. Sometimes it is referred to as a brand; it can help your customers discern the quality of your product or service over that of your opposition. Trade mark is not the same thing as a business name, company name or even a design. It is more of a brand package.


Types of Trade Mark


Your trade mark, often called a brand, is your identity. It’s the way you show your customers who you are. It might be your corporate logo, your business name painted on the side of your car or your packaging.


A trade mark can also be a:

  • Word
  • Phrase
  • Letter
  • Number
  • Logo
  • Picture
  • Aspect of packaging
  • Or combination of the above


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Our services include:


  1. Initial assessment of your trade mark
    1. Takes 3 to 4 months to examine
    2. This process means that our examiner check your application to make sure if contains all correct information and meets legislative requirements
    3. Mistakes are costly, refunds are not given if errors been made in applications and have to re-submit it
  2. Interview with examiner
  3. File your application in Australia
  4. Response to any examination report